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Tie down interest in your services with this 55" x 60" beach mat. Perfect for enjoying a day at the beach or a picnic in the park, it's made of nylon polymers that help keep it from getting dirty too easily. Along with four plastic tees that anchor the mat and prevent it moving around on windy days, it also comes with a carrying bag for easy transportation. Simply add your name, logo or promotional message to create a unique marketing tool that recipients are sure to love.
$12.03 and up
Protect your identity by blocking RFID readers from accessing your sensitive and private information with this aluminum wallet. It fits perfectly in a pocket or purse. The fan shaped compartments allow easy access. Excellent protection from electronic radiation of credit cards with data chips.
$1.80 and up
Don't miss any corner of your target audience when you advertise with this golf club brush. It features wire and nylon bristles for quick and efficient cleaning of clubs while on the fairway, plus a sharp pick for stubborn dirt and grime within the grooves. It's the perfect promotional product for anyone interested in golfing, since every golfer will need one. It even has a carabiner that makes it easy to attach to golf bags for convenient access before, after or during games or business meetings on the green.
$3.55 and up
The calming scent of essential oils can bring you emotional peace, tranquility, and bring the mind, body and spirit into perfect harmony. Now you can keep your favorite aromatherapy scents with you when you wear this essential oil diffuser teardrop necklace. The 24" stainless steel chain holds a 1.2" teardrop-shaped locket which opens to reveal a soft diffuser pad. Just add a few drops of your favorite scent, slip on the necklace, and you'll be enveloped in the calming aroma. The locket can be custom crafted based on your logo or company design. This promotion is the perfect pairing for yoga studios, spirituality bookstores and centers, or mediation classes.
$9.90 and up
Sometimes you like to keep your dog on a short leash, and other times you like to let him or her wander. There's no need to decide with this 5.9" x 5.12" locking nylon leash with durable handles. Give your precious pooch a full 16.5 feet of romping room, or click the switch when mail carriers or joggers get too near. Supports dogs between 25-30 pounds or smaller. Add your organizational or corporate logo to create a barking good promotion that's a great match for pet food and supply outlets, dog parks, veterinary clinics or other businesses or clubs where the canines are king!
$7.25 and up
Germophobes rejoice! Now you never have to come in contact with a questionable doorknob, keyboard, desktop, cellphone, TV remote, or potentially tainted surface again with this handheld sanitizing wand that works by UV-C light. This device has a compact and foldable design, and can be powered with either 4-AAA batteries, or through a USB connection. The high-efficiency, three-watt bulb can kill 80% of harmful bacteria with 10-seconds of exposure, and 30 seconds will eliminate 99% of that stuff that makes us sick. Add a brand name or logo and you'll create a one-of-a-kind promotion. It's perfectly suited for medical offices, cleaning companies, cellphone and tech retailers and more. Let your employees and customers know that you have their backs in the ever-present battle against the bug!
$24.15 and up
Leave the green better looking than when you got there with this multi-use golf tool. This 1.65" x 0.87" x 0.6" divot repair implement and magnetic ball marker is made of super-durable ABS plastic, and features a pitchfork design with split ring hardware that can easily attach to a keyring or belt. Add your corporate or organizational emblem or message to this tool in the form of an attractive and sturdy epoxy dome that's certain to hold up to heavy use and all sorts of weather. The dome magnifies your logo, and brings vivid life to your brand. This item is the perfect match for golfers of all levels of ability, from newbies to old pros, and they'll all appreciate and use this great gift out on the links.
$1.10 and up
Let your car become the vehicle for your sense of peace and tranquility with this essential oil diffuser vent clip. This 1.2" x 1.2" stainless steel clip has a magnetic opening that holds a felt diffuser pad to which you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or scent. The result is a car full of mood-elevating scents. Add your organizational or corporate logo or emblem to this clip to create a unique promotion that's a great match for car washes, auto detailers, car repair shops, and rental outfits. Smell is perhaps our most evocative sense, so let your customers, employees and clients be reminded of you each time they breathe in their favorite aromatics - that's an impression that's sure to stick around!
$6.80 and up
Advertising can be a breeze with this 3-in-1 cell phone fan. The small fan is user friendly and has a simple plug and play concept. The built-in lightning, micro-USB and type-C connectors allow the fan to perform 3-in-1 functionality. The fan plugs into the charging interface on a cell phone and they're on their way with a cool strong breeze. Add your logo on the blade for maximum visibility or choose to imprint both blades. The individually poly-bagged item measures 3.5" x 1.54" x 0.83" and are available in various colors. Voltage: 5V, Power: 1W, Certifications: RoHS - CE, UL.
$3.50 and up
Increase your serenity and mood by volcanic proportions with this ultra-unique lava stone bracelet with attached essential oil diffuser charm, This 7.9" bracelet is composed of connected black stones, and topped off with a customized charm. Lava stone beads are legendarily rumored to have powerful healing properties, and the ability to bring peace to the mind and body of those that wear them. Just place this bracelet around your wrist and let the scent do the rest. Create your own custom charm based on your company logo or message to create a one-of-a-kind promotion item that's sure to make an impression on your clientele.
$3.45 and up
Water resistant bluetooth speaker is a hands free portable speaker with built in mic, 6 hour play time, control buttons and dedicated suction cup for showers, bathroom, kitchen, pool, boat, car, beach, & outdoor areas. Compatible with music devices such as smartphones, tablets, PC's, laptops and many more.
$14.25 and up
Enjoy easy access to your phone to talk or use your GPS hands-free with this magnetic car vent cellphone holder. Just clip this 1.32" x 1.18" x .1" durable ABS plastic item to your car's vent, and let the powerful magnet hold your phone in place. This holder accommodates most smartphones and similar devices. Simply place the magnet on the back of your phone under the case to activate it. Add your organizational or corporate logo or message to create a great phone accessory that has an eye towards safety. It makes a great pairing with cellphone and accessory retailers, cell and cable service suppliers, or any business where the smartphone is king!
$2.65 and up
Recipients will never be far from your brand, this rectangle-shaped find-me tag is a Bluetooth 4.0 anti-lost tracking device compatible with iOS and Android devices using the free Easykeyfind app. It's a bi-directional locator with an alarm that can be activated by the app and in reverse, the tag can ring the linked phone. It's also an anti-lost alarm that makes the tag and the phone ring when they are out of a safety range that the user sets on the app (25-100 feet). Additionally, the app software, in conjunction with Google or Apple maps, will add a pushpin on the map at the time and location when a connection is broken. Finally, the tag can be used as a remote shutter to take selfies with the mobile phone attached.
$7.45 and up
Get your Zen on while you're on the go with this unique essential oil diffuser necklace. A 24" chain holds this 1" stainless steel locket that possesses an aromatic secret. Simply open the locket to reveal a diffuser pad, then just add your favorite essential oil or fragrance, and you can experience the aroma as you wear the necklace for hours. Essential oils can help bring you peace, aid your tranquility, and bring the mind, body, and spirit into singular synchronization. The locket can be custom created in the likeness of your logo or emblem to craft a fragrant promotion that's sure to have your business come out smelling like a rose, or something else just as sweet. Inquire about engraving on the rear of the locket.
$8.90 and up
Advertise with this square wireless charging pad that allows recipients to say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. Wireless charging utilizes Qi inductive charging technology that eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time users want to charge their device. The wireless charger is at the ready to provide wireless power whenever they set their device on the pad. They can still use their device while charging, and it will always be accessible so they can answer a call without having to unplug. Your customers will see your brand logo every time they recharge their mobile device. This product measures 3.5" x 3.5" x 0.31" and is ROHS, FCC, CE certified. Input 5V 1A. Output Dual 5V-0.7A. The wireless charger, micro-USB cable and individual box are included.
$7.15 and up
Reach out to new and potential clients by adding your information to this microfiber towel. Soft and luxurious, the 100% microfiber towel is made of 170 gsm microfiber cloth and 260 gsm microfiber towel. It measures 7" x 5" and is folded and inserted into a vinyl pouch. Produced with high-density microfiber materials, it's designed to safely remove dirt and smudges from smartphones, eyeglasses, camera lenses and tablet/laptop screens without scratching. Add your brand and logo using full bleed by CMYK sublimation to get everyone's attention.
$1.40 and up
Make sure your brand is included in every road trip with this auto aromatherapy diffuser. A great way to maintain a fresh and odor free environment in the car, this multi-functional tool is not only a wonderful promotional product, but also an ideal gift choice. It's available in multiple colors and can be imprinted with your silkscreened name, logo or marketing message. It uses one 5V/3.1 A USB socket, which can connect an external USB power cable to supply power for the device. Win new clients with a fresh new look.
$16.00 and up
Some days at the beach are so full that you don't even have time to slip on a pair of flip-flops. Now you can protect your precious tootsies from hot sand and rugged terrain with these stick-on soles! Offered in 4 sizes, these microfiber soles stick right to the bottom of your feet to provide protection while you're at the pool, the beach, or in your own backyard - and they're even waterproof. Add your organizational logo or message to create a promotion that's a tiptoe through the tulips for a surf rental shop, beachside bar, swim club, or any business where it's ok - if not encouraged - to go barefooted!
$2.50 and up
There's no cooler way to get your message across to the public than with these handheld light-up LED fans. Just add the three included AAA batteries to this ABS plastic fan and switch it on. Almost like magic, one of six LED messages will appear behind the blur of the moving blades. Your custom messages can appear in red, blue or green with a white or red fan. What better way to cool down and light up the night at a summertime event like a carnival, fair, concert or barbecue? For that extra touch, add your corporate or organizational logo or message to the body of the fan to create a one-of-a-kind promotion that kids and adults will use just for the fun of it - with your brand and message front and center when they do.
$3.45 and up
Protect your clients' valuables with your brand on this silicone phone wallet. It features 100% silicon construction for durability and fits and securely holds up to three standard credit card sized cards. The 3M adhesive back securely affixes it to the back of a phone. This low cost product is ideal for almost every promotion since it's functional and has universal appeal. Measuring 3.5" x 2.2", it fits on the back of most smartphones. The perfect accessory which also doubles as kickstand for hands free reading or watching videos.
$1.85 and up
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